J&J's GeeGees




We specialise in selling quality riding horses.  Our aim is to produce, at whatever level, a happy, disciplined (but without loss of character) and motivated horse that is capable of carrying out its job to its owner's requirements, whether as a safe hack or a competition horse.
All horses and ponies sold by us are available on a weeks trial at our premises. Potential purchasers are invited to come to the yard and generally handle/ ride/hack/jump and have lessons to insure they are completely happy with their purchase and get to know their horse/pony before taking it home. 
We offer a range of livery packages, from show production to recuperation and schooling which we can follow up with freelance teaching and stable management.


We also offer reschooling services as it has come to our attention that there are many unhappy horses and demoralised owners who wish to replace their 'problem' equine with their 'ideal' horse. But the case is often that they already have their ideal horse! The problems have occurred because the horse has basic parts of its education missing, right from handling in the stable to riding and jumping. 
This is why we don't believe in cutting corners and offer a follow up service to make sure you are on the right track. A horse that is educated properly and fully is a happier and more contented horse.